Enhancing Your Quality of Life Through Delicious Home Cooked Meals

Why Enjoy?

You want to enjoy wholesome, nutritious meals at home. But you don’t have the time to spend countless hours planning, shopping, cooking, and cleaning.
You want variety in your meals and you’re tired of take-out.

Now imagine coming home to a fridge stocked with fresh, delicious, home-cooked meals.  Meals that were customized exactly for you.  Now that’s how simple daily dining can be.
Let’s connect, so that you can Enjoy!    

A New Kind of Personal Chef

A Different Kind of Personal Chef

"I believe that everyday meal-time should be relaxing, nourishing, and oh-so-delicious! Let me do the work, so that you can enjoy!"

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"Jessica has cooked hundreds of meals for us over the years with foods that are healthy, delicious and wholesome. From family favorites to exciting new dishes, her expert meal service helped us meet our health goals while giving our family more quality time together around the table."
The Schumacher-Beal Family, Sewickley Heights